The Five Minor Pentatonic Scale Patterns

Below is a chart of the five Minor Pentatonic Scale Patterns in A Minor.

There are an infinite number of ways that these scales can be played. I have one method that is EXTREMELY important for you to learn in order to gain mastery over the patterns in many keys. 

Exercise You must be able to play each pattern beginning on the lowest (in pitch) tonic (or root) note of each pattern. These are the circled notes on the patterns above. You should then play the pattern up to the highest note in the pattern. Play the 'top' note twice. Next, play all the way down to the lowest note in the pattern. Do not play the bottom note twice. Then proceed back to the starting note. By practicing the patterns in this manner, you will get to know the location of the tonic note very well. This is important because the pattern gets it's name by the note that lies under the tonic note in the pattern. In the patterns above, this note happens to be A. Here is one example of how you should practice the patterns above.

Here are examples of all five Pentatonic Patterns that you can use in In-Depth Guitar's Tablature Module. (You must download these files. With most browsers, click on the link with your right mouse button.)

Minor Pentatonic Pattern #1
Minor Pentatonic Pattern #2
Minor Pentatonic Pattern #3
Minor Pentatonic Pattern #4
Minor Pentatonic Pattern #5

Practice these five patterns and get them down. These scale patterns are the building blocks of most blues, alot of rock and some jazz solos.

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